What to Do After Your Website Launch?

Your site has successfully launched, and all that work has paid off! Since your site is up and running, it is tempting to scratch that off your to do list and overlook it for the next couple of years.

You need to constantly work on your website, to really get something out of your investment and take advantage of your site. Your website is like a garden, once you do all the work in the garden like planting seeds, you then need to water and care for it so it can grow and bear vegetables and fruits. There are many things you should be doing now that your site is live.

The more you work on it, the more you will get out of it when it comes to leads, conversions and sales. Check out the top things we recommend.

Create New Content

Including new, top notch content is the number one thing you can do to enhance your SEO/Google page rank. If you like to blog and if you have a blog or a spot to post news or events, take the time to compose a post at least once per month. If blogging isn’t your thing, post videos or photographs at whatever chance you have. Having recent and updated data on your website shows potential customers that your online presence is dynamic and current. If you simply do not have the time to post or update your website, it would be best to find someone who does this type of work.

Check for Comments & Spam

If you have a blog, people can post comments on your blogging material. This is an awesome approach to associate with your readers and clients. Make a point to approve any comments and answer to all commentators, thanking them for taking their time to read your blog and answering questions they might have about your article.

WordPress sites pull in spambots that will post fake remarks on every online blog they can discover. You will recognize that these comments are exceptionally nonspecific, for example, “I truly like this article. It is exceptionally elegantly composed.” A couple times a year, go into your WordPress dashboard and delete these comments. It is a good idea to mark them as spam before deleting them.

Test Functionality

You should go to your site to verify everything looks great and functions appropriately at least once every two months. It’s possible that regardless of the possibility that no human touched your site, something unexpected could happen. Your web host could have redesigned their servers, or a web program could have made alterations that could result in modules or code on your website to break. If you have form(s), shopping cart or other special functionalities on your site, test it at least once a month to verify that it functions as it should.

Assess Security & Updates

Even with comprehensive efforts to establish security, as time passes, your site could be powerless to hackers and new security dangers that didn’t exist when your site was designed and launched.

To secure your site, you should upgrade your WordPress, plug-in files and theme at least twice a year. Before updating anything, it is a good idea to contact your developer, especially if the website contains a lot of data that could be lost in a couple of seconds.

Drive Traffic

Promote your site as frequently as possible on your social networking. For instance, post a video in your blog post and afterward present a link on that article on Twitter. You want as much activity on your site as possible. Have your website URL on all your print promoting materials, and encourage clients, potential customers, loved ones to visit your site.

Analyze Your Traffic

Check your Google analytics at least once every two months to perceive the amount of activity you are bringing to your site and how people are discovering your content. You can see where your movement is originating from, your most prominent content and significantly more.

You’ll discover this information captivating and addicting to look at. The objective of your examination is to discover noteworthy changes you can make to enhance your website.

Stay in the Loop

We are focused on staying up to date on all the most recent trends, SEO strategies, industry best practices and WordPress news and updates. Follow our blog and connect with us on social media to be kept up to date with all you need to know about your site.

Get Support

Every now and then, you may have upgrades or changes that you can’t do yourself. Maybe you simply don’t enjoy doing the updates and upgrades on your WordPress site and have more imperative ways to be investing your time.

We are focused on furnishing you with as much or as little support as you need after the launch of your site. We offer website maintenance and support. We additionally offer SEO, graphics design and social media service.

Improve Your Knowledge & Skills

The best thing about your new WordPress site is that you have the ability to enhance your website through content marketing and driving traffic through SEO. There are numerous online assets to help you with this.

Thanks for reading! Please let us know your questions or tips for improving your website knowledge.

Alma Vujasinovic

Alma Vujasinovic

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