What to Consider When Selecting a Photo for Social Media

You probably know that one of the most ideal approaches to achieve a following and get more shares on social media networks is to include pictures into your sharing and posting, however NOT just any image will do.

That might’ve worked in the absolute starting point of media incorporation on social, however not any longer. These days you have to invest some genuine effort to guarantee your pictures get seen and shared. It’s a considerable measure of weight to stay dynamic over each social media platform, and it can be difficult to stay aware of the most recent patterns and methods.

What follows are some tips that will help you select and advance the best pictures for social media that will connect with your supporters and unquestionably empower more shares.

Selecting and Sharing the Perfect Image:  Don’t just use any high definition stock image, but find something that leaves an impression on your audience and also speaks to your brand.

Using Images That Mean Something:  Pick photos that have a point of view and can offer something your audience will recognize.

Selecting Photos that are in Motion:  Sharing images to social media should complement your content, so it is best when the subject is doing something. It is important to show something happening in the image, and leave static images to be used as backgrounds. 

Using Inspirational Quotes still a BIG hit:  Quote photos can be adopted by just about any audience. Offer some thought to your followers.

Information Photos:  Images can act to back up your text content to illustrate the points you’re trying to make.

Shareable Colors:  Find an image that has the content you want, think about the colors it contains because Psychology plays a big role in what photos people tend to share.  

Social Media Image Sizes:  You need to make sure that the photo size is optimized for each social media platform. Resizing it so it fits within the specific size of each social media platform. You’ll probably need to create different versions of the same photo.

Quick Tip: There’s many free image resizing apps and tools available online. 

Social Media Image Sizes

Most image sizes will work, but each social media service will crop or skew the photo to make it fit their criteria. Your photos could end up looking horrible. 

Images are indexed by Google, so it’s important that you save your image files descriptively and search engine optimized. You should use underscores or hyphens between the words in the file name.

Most importantly, you need to think about which photos will best relate to your audience.

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