Web Design Growth in 2014 and 2015

The amount of websites is increasing by a wide margin. The web design industry is trying to keep up with the most recent design growth and patterns. The aggregate reason for a large portion of the trends is to make more usable, dynamic, refined and basic websites. A percentage of the web design patterns have picked up force in 2014 and are relied upon to grow all the more in 2015.

Like it or not, we’re driving through 2014. While the web and visual communication industry has presented a huge number of extreme web design trends in the not so distant future, we’re looking ahead and putting our expectations for designs to come in 2015.

As web designers move to less confused and more modern designs, we know there are a couple of champion designs you can arrange your 2015 websites and upgrades.

Flat Design

Gone are the days when logos and symbols, the brand personality materials of a business, used to pop on websites from time to time, so as to draw our attention. Smooth appearance of logos and other design components on flat user interface of websites is wanted. Obviously, flat design of logos, banners, and website pages is the most mainstream web designing pattern now. Flat outline implants more ease of use into sites from the client perspective. It is obvious from the unfaltering movement of this pattern that flat web design is just enough to stay for quite a while.

Swap your old fashioned textures, patterns, shadows and concentrate on the simple straightforwardness of flat design. As more website visits happen on cell phones and tablets, web designers are enthusiastic about building components that seem smooth and moderate on flat screens. In spite of the fact that flat design has been around for some time, we’re wagering on the ascent of splendid and easy flat client interfaces.

NO Clicking, YES Scrolling

Websites where clients have to click from page to page are slowly losing prominence. A click takes 2-3 seconds to open a page. Simply envision the amount of time it takes to look through a website involving a couple of items or web pages which need to be clicked.

[st_column9]Today’s era inclines toward website scrolling rather than clicking. Scrolling is a smooth ride over the content of websites without any need of clicking on the way. Websites whose flat user interface accompanies scrolling have more client driven SEO power.[/st_column9]

Toning it Down is Ideal

Websites have gotten less difficult in look and the complexity in web design is antiquated nowadays. Clients search for rich text and dynamic usefulness in a straightforward design. Straightforward design, basic look & basic route, and straightforward functionality are the most wanted gimmicks of websites for today’s clients. Websites with straightforward design have more client benefits. They work best on cell phones specifically. “Toning it down is ideal” is today’s web design logic.

Responsive Design

Mobile web usage is going full speed ahead now and it will achieve an alternate height in 2015. It has put traditional web design for desktops and laptops as a second thought. Responsive web design is the center of the web world nowadays. Websites which are solely created for cell phone clients may not work well on desktop and portable computer devices.

Hence, responsive web design has risen as an all-in-one package. Websites which are designed in agreeability with the rules of responsive web design convey parallel execution over all devices – mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop. We’re anticipating a surge of efficient designs that are both great and responsive.


Despite the fact that we can’t precisely foresee the future, the patterns and improvements of 2014 can help us make sensible forecasts of what 2015 holds in store. At the same time the rate at which web advancement and design is growing keeps us sure that web trends will just get more creative and innovative in the following few years.

Alma Vujasinovic

Alma Vujasinovic

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