SEO Trends of 2019: Schema, Search Engines, & Speed

The most meaningful changes we saw in 2018 were the final implementation of Google’s mobile-first indexing and the quality of page speed.

What will happen in 2019?

Here are the topmost golden nuggets to hold in mind for 2019:


Google has identified that people rely on their telephones to get the phone number of their preferred establishment rather, than booting up their desktop computer or laptop. So, if your website isn’t as sharp as it can be on mobile, then you will notice your listing drop in the rankings.

That’s what the mobile-first indexing means. Google is not discarding desktop indexing – it’s all still one index. It just means that Google will be basing your site’s ranking on your mobile site and not your desktop.

Does this imply you should neglect your desktop’s website? Certainly not! It means that your site must to be compatible and perform well with all browsers, both mobile, and desktop. It has to look immeasurable. It’s got to perform correctly. And, most importantly, it’s got to be fast. Speaking of fast…


Your website needs to speed, boy! Nowadays, 3 sec is too slow. We need immediacy, and we required it two days ago!

The faster your website is, the further likely the user will stay on your site. The longer the user lingers on your site, the better your bounce rate is. A great bounce rate means a greater ranking on Google.

SCHEMA? I HARDLY EVEN KNEW YOU! is a community that organizes, manages, and supports structured data code for websites. For instance, when you view a listing on Google, you see the heading of the page, the short summary, possibly a couple of stars, a rich snippet at the top of the page, possibly. That’s all schema. It presents the search engine what your page is about, so it can accurately index it.

Schema is ever growing. Every year, numerous kinds of structured data are added to And with the increasing number of voice searches, it’s imperative for your site. Particularly when speakable schema becomes active in the following years.


I can’t emphasize this more. Did you know that most search terms held the term “near me?” The world has become very tiny and extremely congested. If you want to compete with the restaurant down the street, then you must work on your local SEO.

Therefore, make certain all your local listings are accurate and the same everywhere on the web. If your company has another name/address/phone (NAP) data over different websites, then your SEO will take a hit. You won’t rank well against your competitors or in the local assortment. That implies fewer appearances on voice search and fewer clients knocking on your door.

I recommend doing one at least every six to twelve months. You would be shocked to see what comes up.

And of course, if you require some guidance with your SEO in 2019, you know whom to call. Contact DeSignSwww today and let’s see how we can assist you!

Alma Vujasinovic

Alma Vujasinovic

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