Top 3 Essentials of a Great Lifestyle Website Design

If you have the passion to inspire others, innovate new ideas, and share your life experiences with people all across the globe, then starting a lifestyle website or a blog is the best thing for you. 

A Lifestyle Website is just like a traditional magazine that provides a potpourri of entertainment, information, learning content, and trending news updates to its readers but on an online platform. 

Here are the top 3 essentials of a great lifestyle website design that you need to keep in mind. 

Visual Appeal

Like any other website, visual elements are the first considerations of a lifestyle website. No matter what specific subject or type of site you want to offer, the visual aspects need to be colorful, attractive, and full of life. 

Before starting, you need to decide on a basic theme. If you are opting for health or fitness, you need to choose a theme accordingly. You can find a large variety of options on various lifestyle topics including gardening, fashion, education, motherhood, women empowerment, home decor, healthy living, and much more. 

Simple and Focused

A lifestyle website has a diverse range of audiences. 

With people coming from different backgrounds, professions, and age groups, their tech-savviness also varies drastically. In essence, a lifestyle website design should be very simple and should focus on the aspects of user-friendliness and easy navigation. 

The lifestyle website design should not be complicated or too advanced for the basic user. 

Fast and Functional

Time is one of the key factors that trigger the attraction of traffic to your website. Your lifestyle website design should have graphics and images that load faster without any delays that may cause the users to leave. 

It should offer high-quality content that is advantageous for the users. 

SEO Trends of 2019: Schema, Search Engines, & Speed

The most meaningful changes we saw in 2018 were the final implementation of Google’s mobile-first indexing and the quality of page speed.

What will happen in 2019?

Here are the topmost golden nuggets to hold in mind for 2019:

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Three TOP WordPress Premium Themes for 2017

WordPress has the distinct honor of being a highly configurable Content Management … (CMS), which was originally designed to address the needs of bloggers but eventually evolved into a platform that accommodates plugins and design widgets – adding not only aesthetic value, but also functionality.

There are a lot of premium WP Themes available on the Web designers’ market, including what ThemeForest offers, and it can be extremly difficult to pinpoint the optimum one – especially when people’s needs and business demands are constantly evolving. In addition, technology continues to develop, creating additional themes which better respond to changing user needs.

Here are my 3 TOP picks for the best premium WordPress themes for 2017, categorized and tagged according to their specific and relative fields and yours for grabs! This latest collection of the best WordPress themes will be updated to include some exciting new additions or if I come across some other awesome theme I think belongs to this list.

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WordPress in 2017

With over 75 million of websites under its hood and over 55 percent CMS market share, WordPress continues to become the leading content management system on the web this year. The previous year has been great for WordPress users. In 2016, there were 26 successful official WordPress releases and also introduced several astonishing WordPress web trends, such as one-page themes, hamburger menus, etc to give a seamless experience to their end users.

WordPress is getting better and better with every passing year and we still expecting a lot more to come from WordPress in 2017 in terms of new features, improvements, updates and other built-in capabilities. In fact, the co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg, released his word of speech to give you a glimpse of what we will explore new in WordPress this year.

Matt has clearly stated that the WordPress community is expected to work on the areas where you will get seamless user experience and also bring improvements in core WordPress. There are many other predictions about WordPress that are likely to luster in 2017.

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What Questions to Ask Before Getting a Website Redesign

business-growth-the-next-step-website-redesignBusinesses continue to grow and it’s essential for a website and online presence to advance. Patterns change after some time, and in order for your business to stay ahead, your website design requires constant updates to keep up that trend.

However, often sites require full overhauls. Your website design may be outdated, it could perform ineffectively, or preventing your guests from getting to be clients. So how would you know when a site redesign is what your business needs?
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What to Do After Your Website Launch?

Your site has successfully launched, and all that work has paid off! Since your site is up and running, it is tempting to scratch that off your to do list and overlook it for the next couple of years.

You need to constantly work on your website, to really get something out of your investment and take advantage of your site. Your website is like a garden, once you do all the work in the garden like planting seeds, you then need to water and care for it so it can grow and bear vegetables and fruits. There are many things you should be doing now that your site is live.

The more you work on it, the more you will get out of it when it comes to leads, conversions and sales. Check out the top things we recommend.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website?

We frequently get asked the question, “How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website?” The answer is: it completely depends. 

There are so many options for building your website and having a website developed for you. The expense of building a website could be completely free if you do it without a web designer. On the other hand if you decide to hire a web designer you could end up spending countless dollars for a website with huge amounts of necessary functionality.
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Web Design Growth in 2014 and 2015

The amount of websites is increasing by a wide margin. The web design industry is trying to keep up with the most recent design growth and patterns. The aggregate reason for a large portion of the trends is to make more usable, dynamic, refined and basic websites. A percentage of the web design patterns have picked up force in 2014 and are relied upon to grow all the more in 2015.

Like it or not, we’re driving through 2014. While the web and visual communication industry has presented a huge number of extreme web design trends in the not so distant future, we’re looking ahead and putting our expectations for designs to come in 2015.

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Why Responsive Web Design?

Great deals of our customers nowadays are requesting websites that pertain to mobile and tablet users. One approach to do this is through responsive website design. Give us a chance to clarify what responsive website is and help you figure out whether responsive design is fundamental for your organization.

Presently there are phones and tablets with extremely small screens, laptops, and desktop workstations with gigantic screens, it’s no shock that not every website works well and looks great on each one of those distinctive sizes of screens.

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