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WordPress in 2017

With over 75 million of websites under its hood and over 55 percent CMS market share, WordPress continues to become the leading content management system on the web this year. The previous year has been great for WordPress users. In 2016, there were 26 successful official WordPress releases and also introduced several astonishing WordPress web trends, such as one-page themes, hamburger menus, etc to give a seamless experience to their end users.

WordPress is getting better and better with every passing year and we still expecting a lot more to come from WordPress in 2017 in terms of new features, improvements, updates and other built-in capabilities. In fact, the co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg, released his word of speech to give you a glimpse of what we will explore new in WordPress this year.

Matt has clearly stated that the WordPress community is expected to work on the areas where you will get seamless user experience and also bring improvements in core WordPress. There are many other predictions about WordPress that are likely to luster in 2017.

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10 Best WordPress Plugins

Content marketing is an important aspect of almost all new-age marketing campaigns. With the help of digital content, companies & organizations have been promoting their businesses across the globe and making lots of money.

In fact, content marketing is a process of developing & distributing relevant content consistently to attract the targeted audience and generate leads. Whether you operate a small business or handle big brands, you need to have a proper content marketing strategy.

WordPress is perhaps the best CMS when it comes to the creation and distribution of contents all over the World Wide Web. Content marketing experts use this platform to implement their marketing strategy primarily because of the availability of various Plugins (for content marketing).

Here is a collection of 10 best WordPress plugins that can help you to perform the various tasks of content marketing easily and boost your site’s productivity. Let’s have a look. Continue reading “10 Best WordPress Plugins”

How Websites Hurt or Help Marketing?

Most business owners don’t build their own building, they go and lease a space for their office, and they go to Staples for example and buy office furniture, they don’t try to build furniture. It always surprises me that business owners try to build their own website, especially when it’s the first most important and most used marketing tool for most businesses in this day and age.

A website has four to nine seconds to capture someone’s attention. The three main criteria website designers should follow: overall design, structure of content and the functionality of the website.

Do I need a website?

This shouldn’t even be a question. It’s 2016, you need to be where your customers are, and that is online – mobile, tablet and desktop.  Continue reading “How Websites Hurt or Help Marketing?”

How To Choose A Website Designer?

It can be an overwhelming process to attempt a website development or design, and there are apparently a million choices that go into building a website. However, the most critical decision amongst the most basic choices is choosing who you actually hire to design and develop your website. We recommend setting aside your time on this choice and looking more than simply the value point.

We’ve all heard the repulsive stories. You paid great cash to have a website designer make a site for you, you need to roll out improvements to it, they become unresponsive and you are stuck. Continue reading “How To Choose A Website Designer?”